Mar 19, 2013

7 Dating Tips for Men towards the Heart of Women

You probably asked several friends for advice relevant to dating a woman. I hope you do not belong to the group of men who think that the only way to fulfill a dream date is through good looks, sex appeal, charm, or money. The truth is that being around at the proper place at a precise time when a beautiful woman is feeling lonely is a great advantage.  Do not tell me you know everything about dating a woman or even asking for a date.  It would help to know the relevant tips for men wanting to date women.  The numerous dating tips from different sources are often confusing resulting to dating failures for men. Worse of all is when the woman felt turned off after a dating experience with you.

It is normal for a man to desire a date with a beautiful woman.  However, some men can easily catch the attention of a woman while many are too shy to talk with a woman or intimidated with her mere presence.  In this situation, it is wise to obtain appropriate dating tips however, several love gurus and psychologist claiming expertise on dating, love, and relationship. Seek advice only from people who use practical and updated information relevant to the modern time. Of course, the old-fashioned way of opening a door for a woman and giving a dozen of rose could still impress any woman. Still, it is wiser to add modern techniques that could make a woman fall for a man.


Self-Analysis and Confidence Boost

Start with improving yourself before pleasing other people, particularly the woman you are planning to date.  Before asking for a date, check your physical look about proper grooming habits and hygiene. See yourself from the woman’s point of view, she will surely feel excited spending time with a man who exerted time and effort to look presentable and smell good for her.

Without confidence, the succeeding dating tips will be useless. Believe in yourself and never slouch when talking to her but learn to nod and smile while listening to what she was saying. However, I warn you that over confidence might lead to arrogance. Arrogant people make themselves the hero of the story. Truth is they are just putting a brave front by trying to prove something instead of showing insecurity and despair.

Self Improvement and Etiquette

Discover your positive traits that will make you desirable, it will surely increase your confidence when asking a woman for a date. You do not need to follow the list of good manners and right conduct written in an etiquette book.  Nevertheless, you must understand that women easily feel turned off with crude and impolite people. Be thoughtful and respectful towards your date and gain admiration from her.


Even fearless men feel nervous in front of intimidating women.   Come on, you do not have to stress yourself thinking of tactics for successful dating experience. Just be yourself and focus on the woman you desire to date.

 Focus and Attention

The most crucial part of dating is the aspect of focusing your attention towards your date. Show interest in knowing her better by being a good listener and attentive observer. Women always wanted the attention and affection they could receive from men.


It is also crucial to exercise sensibility when you talk because women are sensitive creatures. Give feedback or ask more questions relevant to what she is talking will make her feel that you are attentive. Keep the conversation flowing to set a relaxed atmosphere but do not sound as if you are grilling her for information.

Appreciate to Impress

Be appreciative on how she made herself beautiful for you. Flattery by complimenting her clothes, hair or makeup that made her more attractive. Remember, a woman does not want to date someone who barely gives her attention but needs cuddling and pampering. Prioritize her comfort and enjoyment by discovering what she likes concerning food, music, movies and even her taste on men.


It is a great challenge to impress a woman but it is possible to touch her heart through simple dating tips.  A woman is often attracted towards a man with attitudes of caring, honest, smart, humorous and confident nature.

Gain Her Respect

Women rely on their intuition when assessing the personality of men. Be careful when hiding behind a mask, be yourself but add a smile on your lips and good manners. Respect a woman and you will be a perfect gentleman in her eyes. This not only shows your caring and protective side but your ability to take things slowly.


Unpredictability and Surprises

The best dating advice for men is to add excitement through surprises. Sudden actions could create lasting impression such as a song dedication over her favorite radio station. A gift is adorable especially if it suits her personality with added creativity for your personal touch. Know the type of gift that could melt her heart. Simple, thoughtful and caring acts made at the right moment in her life will surely touch her emotions.   Be unpredictable when dating a woman, stirring her curiosity and interest will keep her reminiscing your special moment together.  Add something new by injecting new topics to discuss or introduce new things and activities that could bring both of you closer and of inseparable.

Honesty and Trust

Honesty is a way to gain the trust of you date. There will be more problems when lies build up in a big heap. Furthermore, women are easy to forgive but they never forget every single detail of your past shortcomings. Always keep in mind that once a woman lost her trust in you, it would be difficult to gain her back. Lay out your card once you start dating a woman.


Dating is one of the big events to an individual’s life that could turn disastrous without the relevant 7 dating tips listed above. Follow the dating tips and keep the communication lines open. Do not let doubts destroy a good start but state clearly your clear intention by encouraging your date to ask questions about you.  After all, it takes two people agreeing on something to make a date worthwhile. When you are both comfortable being together, it is time to ask for tips on keeping a smooth flowing relationship. I am just around to listen and provide credible ans



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  • I’m not too sure about “Appreciate to Impress” and “Unpredictability and Surprises” especially if you’re just talking about getting the girl and the early parts of dating.

    In the beginning, compliments that relate to body and specificity in appearance generally come across as creepy and a guy is better off just being happy/excited to see the woman (and stick to compliments like you look great and you’re beautiful and sparingly at that).

    Additionally, unpredictability and surprises should be saved for relationships (when things are becoming predictable)…everything about newly dating someone already is unpredictable and a surprise, plus grand gestures and excessive effort in the beginning usually feel fake, forced, and disingenuous.

    Also, while focus and attention are great…the truth is that yes girls love to be asked questions and have someone pay attention to their answers but there needs to be a balance…good listeners aren’t the top prize in the dating world…interesting people who have stories of their own to share who are smart and witty and ALSO good listeners are what women want.

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